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Etsy is a platform which gives you the opportunity to sell your handmade products and vintage articles, including the craft supplies directly to your buyers from across the globe. However, it comes with a limitation also which is that you can trade in commercial goods via Etsy. Plus, there is no provision of reselling the products. This is where India Data Solutions comes to your rescue as we create a special listing for you because Etsy is a sure shot method to give you sales.
Following are the services offered by India Data Solutions under Etsy Product Entry:

  • Etsy opening of account

It involves registration of marketplace and account support.We will help you with the entire registration process which will include filling up of the form, confirmation of your email, setting up a profile picture and opening of a shop etc. Everything will be done in a very hassle-free way.

  • Etsy optimization of title

Titles play a crucial role in drawing the Etsy shoppers. A powerful and strong title involves keywords and marketing words.The first few words in the title are more important as they hold more weight while some one searches. Use of keywords in the title will make it easier for the buyers to find you on Etsy. Also, it will make your products reliable and appealing to the targeted audience who is browsing products on Etsy.

  • Etsy description writing

Buyers cannot touch, feel, try or smell your product; therefore, a detailed description is vital to let the buyers know about your product and its specifications. This is another place where keywords can be placed wisely so that when the buyer searches for a particular product, you will be on the top of their result list. It involves advanced level of description writing along with alignment maintenance using HTML codes.

  • Etsy image editing

If you are selling something on Etsy, it is important to have good pictures to display to the audience so that they feel attracted to buy your product. This could be a petrified and long process. Image editing involves editing of background as well as resizing of images that will make your product outshine the others and your concept will be presented clearly in front of your audience.

  • Etsy advertising deals

Under this, we create deals for you and aim to create a boost. These deals will help you to get more eyes on your product with minimal effort from you at the same time. In ashorter span of time, you will be able to see increase in the traffic and you will certainly be enjoying more profits.

  • Etsy client service and rating management

Under this, we build communication with your customers and well maintain your account.We make sure that we reply to customer messages on time with proper information. Proper health of the account will be maintained.

  • Etsy stock and order management

Under this, we keep a track of orders placed by your customers and will fulfill the orders being placed. We will make sure that your inventory sheet is up to the date. We will sync all your incoming Etsy orders in one centralized system.

  • Etsy report and payment settlement

It involves preparation of monthly estimate and sales report, etc. We have deeper insights of all the terms andconditions being applied on the buyers and sellers. We even take care of the refunds of the buyers, if any.

This proves to be a lucrative platform for the vendors and we at India Data Solutions provide our customers consistent and reliable Etsy product data entry services so that their business can grow effectively. So contact us now and allow us to contribute towards your business growth!

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