How to create a successful Product Page

An interesting product page has become one of the most crucial requirements of every website for many reasons. The first thing that attracts customers while shopping online is the creative product page along with off course, the ease of shopping. The challenge is what elements to include while designing a web page to make it successful.

Here are some tips that will help you create an attractive product page:

Narrative, Logo, Title:

Your product page should have a catchy title and make the logo clearly appear on the product page for proper branding. Make a crisp, but easy to understand to be found in search engines.

Price, Offers and Discounts:

The customers while shopping is always conscious about knowing the price of the products they are planning to buy. Also, an additional discount or any other offers always attract them. Make sure to make all these visible and highlight the savings customers are making so that they can take action.

Product Images and Videos:

You must include sufficient images of the product from all dimensions so that the prospective buyer can make buying decision promptly. The images should be clear and the customer should have the option to enlarge the picture for better understanding. 

Shopping Cart Button:

A Shopping cart is an important necessity for virtual shoppers too. Make sure that your ‘Shopping cart’ or ‘Add to Cart’ button is rightly placed and well managed for making the shopping experience interesting and easy for customers.

Delivery and Returns:

The information related to shipping the product should be clearly explained such as total cost of product, delivery charges, promotion applied, if any and all other relevant information. Customer should also be made aware of the return policy so that they have good experience while shopping with you.

Stocks availability:

Make sure to blur or remove the ‘out-of-stock’ products so that customers don’t add those to their cart and get disappointed later while checking out.

Customer Reviews and Grading:

Product reviews written by customers who already purchased the item should be made available so that the prospective customer can gauge an idea about the product. Star ratings available on the site would increase your credibility and reliability.

Payment Options:

Don’t restrict your customer to pay by card, e-wallet or bank account. Be flexible and allow customer to pay as they want including ‘Cash on delivery’ option.

Wishlist and its Influence:

Wishlist helps customers stocking the product for future. You must keep sharing relevant information such as price drop, stocking out, etc. so that he customer can make decision at the earliest.

Product Suggestions:

It would be good of you suggest customers about any complementary product that would enhance customer’s personality, etc. for delighting your prospective customers.

Contact Details:

This is the most important part of the entire page as your prospective customer must know how and where to contact you if faced with trouble or queries. While online shopping gives abundant options to customers; it also leaves them with confusion, if your website is not user friendly and attractive. Adopt the above steps while designing your Ecommerce product page and amplify your customer base.

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