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If you are the owner of Ecommerce store it is very important to keep your catalog information updated regularly, but for doing the same one need to go through very large amount of data, which is definitely not an easy task.

We at India data solution helping our worldwide clients by providing catalog updating and maintenance services. We gather all the required information to update your product catalog and monitor your store daily monthly and weekly basis to ensure that it perform at top level.

We have an expertise in catalog updating and maintenance services some of our key features are following:-

  • We collect product information from various sources like online catalogs, scanned images, CSV, PDF etc.
  • Our dedicated team of professional convert the gather information into digital format and upload it into your product catalog accurately and also make sure product information such as product names, product price, product descriptions, Product Brand, SKUs, etc entered with 100% accuracy
  • We can acquire your product information from the manufacturer's website and many other online sources.
  • We can do image retouching to enhance your product image make it more attractive and eye catching and also resize it into various sizes like thumbnail, large, zoom etc.
  • We assure you that each product is entered with Meta keyword for Search Engine Optimization to boost your website traffic.

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India Data Solutions is the leading enterprise specializing in providing high quality of business data processing services such as Data entry, Data conversion, Catalog processing, Product data entry, website development, Photo editing.

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