How WooCommerce makes your e-store development easier?

Launched in 2011, WooCommerce is one of the most efficient and effective plug-ins of the world-renowned website development platform, WordPress. In simple terms, it is a development kit that makes the entire thing of selling products online quite easier. With WooCommerce, you can make the most of your WordPress website.

The powerful and extendable plug-in includes great features, add-ons, extensions, and a lot more. It gives a developer complete freedom in terms of flexibility, control, and security. In short, it fulfills everything your e-store required to attract the customers by selling your products and services. The entire functionalities in the WooCommerce can be used by anyone with an adequate knowledge of web development.

However, if you want to customize the built-in features of the WooCommerce, you can hire a WooCommerce data entry services provider. But, before choosing the same, let’s make you aware of the fact that who should use WooCommerce?

Below are some points that will clear this thing out:

  1. If you want a flexible, easily customizable, flexible, and accessible plug-in, which comes up with features such as in-built shipping methods, payment getaways, and more
  2. If you are looking out to personalize the piece of codes as well as widgets of a plug-in
  3. If you are looking out to customize the pre-defined WordPress themes that have been designed mainly to be used with WooCommerce
  4. If you want a strong and user-friendly platform that helps you employ the best practices on the front as well as backend.

WooCommerce has got all these out-of-the-box features and has become the most preferred choice of the open source code developers.

Other Features and Advantages of WooComerce are:

  1. Dedicated widgets for up-selling and cross sales
  2. Widgets for regular analysis of your eCommerce store
  3. Various payment options (COD, BACS, Cheque) are available
  4. Google Analytics Integration
  5. Special components like Share This, Share Daddy, Share Your Cart, and more to enable the customers to share their purchases with their friends and family to get discount coupons
  6. Options for adding international and regional shipping
  7. PayPal and other checkout gateways to increase the reliability of your payment modes as well as apps

Yes, a techie with only a brief knowledge of development can work on WooCommerce but if you want to explore more of it or don’t have enough time to do this on your own, then you can avail WooCommerce

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