How to import products with images in Magento 2

  • Log in to the Admin Panel, navigate to System>Import:
  • Choose Products in the Entity Type drop-down menu and click Download Sample File
  • The downloaded CSV file looks like this:

 Import images

  • Choose the sample products you need to import and delete all the odd ones. To import product images you need to add the next rows to the CSV file:
  • In the CSV data, you need to enter the name of each image file to be imported on the correct row, by sku, and in the correct column according to image type. And you have to ensure that the relative path to import directory is included before each file name.







If one of the rows already exists in the sample file, don’t add them again.

  • Then upload the product images to the Magento 2 pub/media/import folder. All the uploaded images should have the same name as in the CSV file.
  • When the CSV is ready, return to System>Import>Entity Type>Products, choose Add/Update from the Import Behavior drop-down menu
  • Click the Choose file option and type /pub/media/import in the Image File Directory text field. Then choose the Check Data option.
  • Having received the validation results notification, click Import.
  • When the product import is finished go to Products>Catalog and check the products with the images are displayed on the product grid. Don’t forget to make the products live in-store – Enable Product Toggle:

To manage all the import/export activities effectively, use the Import History tab. For this, navigate to System>Data Transfer>Import History. You will see a separate grid with all the import/export activities:


To import products with images in bulk, you need to delete all the sample products from the CSV file and insert your own ones with all the attribute details. To see a complete list of all the attribute references (store_view_code, attribute_set_code, product_type, etc.),

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