eCommerce Catalog Processing Challenges and Solutions

Are you facing challenges while managing your ecommerce shop, particularly when you have a huge list of products to handle? Then maintaining a product catalog becomes quite a challenging task too! As there are hundreds and thousands of SKUs to be put up on the ecommerce store, it becomes imperative to constantly maintain and update data on your store. However, it isn’t that easy as it sounds. Do you know why?

Let’s understand more about the typical problems that the retailers face while handling the task of eCommerce catalog product data entry:

Continuous Updation of Products

Retailers of the ecommerce store are expected to continuously update their product SKUs based on what kind of product they choose to sell and on what platforms they sell. There could be various factors responsible behind the updating of the products. It could be due to the fluctuations in the cost of the product, latest edition of products or may be some other reason. You must not forget that as a retailer you need to pay due attention from time to time on the content management of your products.  

Updation of Existing Product Catalog

It is not easy a task to increase the list of your present product catalog and adding more SKUs, especially when your catalog is not properly organized. In this scenario, you are left with 2 choices: one is that you go back and format your SKUs and the other is that putting up with the low grade product quality. As a result of which, it poses a big challenge for the vendors to boost the list of their product categories. It ought to be perfect from the very beginning of the catalog formation.    

Effective Management of Supplier Data

Many times the data that we receive from the suppliers is not authentic and inappropriate for the listing of products. For example, they may spell the color Orange “ORG” as “Og”. In such a case, it requires considerable time to rewrite or may be make it persistent. Needless to say, it becomes a huge concern for the merchants as there are multiple components such as mentioned above that need to be fixed before you do any batch uploading of a product.

Selling through Multiple Channels  

If you happen to be offering your products on various channels for selling, such as your own customized store, eBay, Amazon, in addition to other marketplaces then your chief aim is to catalog your products concurrently. It is rather a very herculean task for each and every channel must be having their own standards to do the listing of your products. For example, the product categories of Amazon are very much different from eBay’s. The catalog of your product list on Amazon and eBay would be quite different from your own customized store list. In case, you add the products by following the same method, then your product listings might remain unfinished. In such a case, you perhaps would not be able to realize the expectation of your customers.

Uniformity in Data Quality

Keeping up with the uniformity in your product data throughout the entire product catalog is certainly quite difficult for any seller or vendor who handles a lot of suppliers and lists their products on several channels simultaneously. Of course, there are also present a lot of advertisements for data clash, data missing, error in spellings or inadequate description. To give your customers a great shopping experience, you are required to concentrate on the quality of your data, maintaining a complete list and the uniformity in data – which is complete and absolutely reliable.

So should you not spend considerable time on the cataloging of your product list so as to avoid the above mentioned errors? Don’t you worry we are here for you to help you with the task that seems so enormous. We not only have an expert team in place having years of experience in the given field, but we also consistently fortify ourselves by learning the current trends and listing products on various channels, managing supplier data, keeping up with the uniformity in data, etc. 

We are a one-stop solution for all your needs and we cater according to your specific requirements, thereby delivering results as per your expectations. With our fast, accurate and budget friendly eCommerce catalog processing services, you can remain assured of our catalog – which will always remain accurate, complete and updated. This will give you an additional advantage, which is that you can concentrate more on other crucial business elements and run your eCommerce store with flair.

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